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In Honor Of Our Beloved George and Corine Duke

George Duke, hailed by both peers and fans as not only a great musician but a greater man, died August 5, 2013 at the age of 67. Should friends and fans desire, contributions can be made in his honor and in the honor of his wife, Corine, at the links below.

CLL Global / George Duke's Memorial Registry

Sarcoma Foundation Of America

UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center

I Have A Dream Foundation
For 26 years, The “I Have a Dream” Foundation – Los Angeles (IHADLA) has been providing the most comprehensive “whole life” program of its kind to underserved African American and Latino children in areas of high crime and poverty.

Please click on the PayPal button below. Once you have entered your information, you will be taken to a second page in which you can designate your donation “In Honor” or “In Memory” and leave a personal message with the gift. All donations are tax-deductible and a personalized letter of thanks will be sent directly to the address you provide. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the foundation directly at (213)572-0175.

New CD out July 16

Fusion, funk, and rock keyboard legend George Duke gives us a tour of his home studio, "Le Gonks West." Look for a major feature in Keyboard soon on his upcoming new album "Dreamweaver."

George Duke Band Live in Prague (DVD)

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This concert was recorded at the Lucerna Music Bar in 2009 and features a 5.1 audio soundtrack.

1. 500 Miles To Go
2. Sweet Baby
3. Autumn Leaves
4. Cravo E Canela/Geneva
5. My Piano
6. Frank Zappa Tribute
(Cosmik Debris/Inca Roads/Uncle Remus)
7. Dukey Treats Medley
(Everyday Hero/I Tried To Tell You/Somebody Laid It On Us/Sudan)
8. Brazilian Love Affair
9. Guess You're Not The One
10. A Fonk Tail
11. Reach For It/Mothership Connection/Thank You
(Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)/Doin' It To Death Medley
12. Reach Out
13. Homeland

Available at GDE Sales.

Al Jarreau and the George Duke Trio, 1965, Vol. 1

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This album is historical gold, a time when Al and George were laying the foundation for who they came to be as mature artists. Though the audio quality is suspect at times, it is still a rare and important glimpse into their pre-major label contract past and shows the initial stages of their musical development. Available at GDE Sales.

George Duke Soul Treasures

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SOUL TREASURES is a treasure trove for producers looking for instant soul for their tracks. Exclusively recorded for Native Instruments by American soul and jazz legend George Duke, over 500 soul-drenched keyboard loops are ready to go, and without the need to dig for samples through crates of dusty vinyl. for fans.

New Master Rhythm Charts Available

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George has made nine more Master Rhythm Charts available — you can get them now at GDE Sales.

1. After The Love
2. Every Little Step I Take
3. Just For You
4. Lemme At It
5. Life And Times
6. You
7. Say That You Will
8. Searchin' My Mind
9. Straight From The Heart

George In The News

"George Duke: Facing the Music". Read the article at All About

George is featured in the October issue of Jazz Inside Magazine.Click here to download the issue for free.

Vintage Video & Audio Interviews

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Check out this classic footage and behind the scenes action of George and his original 1978 funk band including Sheila E on percussion - Leon "Ndugu" Chancler, drums - Byron Miller, bass - Charles Icarus Johnson, guitar - and Josie James, Napoleon Murphy Brock & Muffy Hendrix, on vocals. Video includes live footage of "Diamonds", "Reach For It", and the original recording of "Dukey Stick". (Video playback requires QuickTime)

Along with the vintage video, George has conducted interviews with various contemporaries. The first is with his original Dukey Stick Band. Listen here.